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Wacom Bamboo Create

Technology has a way of moving every industry forward and in the case of artists and designers that means switching from the traditional sketch pad and pen to a graphic tablet. There are many different styles of tablet now on the market, but Wacom is arguably the leader in the industry, with their Intuos tablet considered by many to be the Rolls Royce of the graphic tablet world. As you might expect, the Intuos is a higher priced piece of equipment that is used by graphic designers and serious artists, but the price point puts it somewhat out reach for those who would like to dabble graphic art without having to spend a great amount of money.

The good news is that thanks to the Wacom Bamboo series of tablets, the amateur artist can now get in on the action and reap the benefits of a quality graphic tablet at a reasonable price. The Bamboo series comes with a number of different tablets, with the name of each giving you an idea of what they are best used for. The Bamboo Capture for example may be best for those looking to use their tablet to manipulate photos, whereas the Bamboo Pen and Touch allows you to create, whilst also being able to control the display with a series of simple finger movements that allow you to zoom in and out, rotate, and move around your desktop.

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Bamboo Create wacom tablet

The Bamboo series of tablets is aimed at the entry level graphic tablet user, but the Bamboo Create actually comes pretty close to making it to the big leagues. While it’s nowhere near as pressure sensitive (1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity) as the Intuos, it is still accurate enough to be able to handle any type of job that you care to throw at it. It comes in a sleek silver design, is lightweight, and is around the same dimensions of the mid-sized Intuos tablet.

There are a ton of smart features on the Create that you would expect to find on a much higher priced tablet, such as an expanded work area (almost twice the size of other Bamboo tablets), ExpressKeys that allow you add shortcuts to the items you use the most, and the ability to use the tablet whether you are right or left handed. If there is one small complaint about the Bamboo Create it would be that the USB cable that it comes with is a little on the short side, but that can be overlooked with everything else that you get.

That includes a killer set of full version software titles that include Photoshop Elements, Corel Painter Essentials, AutoDesk Sketchbook Express, and Nik Color Filters. Those titles sold separately would add up to hundreds of dollars, which makes the $199 asking price for the Wacom Bamboo Create all the more impressive. There really is a little something for everyone in the Wacom line-up of tablets, and the Create is a great place to start for those who might be interested in something a little more than the regular amateur tablet offerings.

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