Bamboo Pen

wacom tablet bamboo pen tablet review

If you don’t like the idea of only being able to use your fingers to navigate on your computer, then this is a good option. The Wacom Bamboo Pen is exactly what you think it is, a tablet with a pen. It has a medium sized drawing area when compared to the other Bamboo models.

Active drawing area – 5.8″ W x 3.6″ H
Tablet dimensions – 9.8″ W x 6.9″ H

DVD containing Corel® Painter Essentials

If all you want/need is a pen to navigate, draw or work on your computer then the Wacom Bamboo Pen is for you. Even though I’ve said before that I prefer a larger drawing area, I bought this model as my first introduction to using a graphics tablet because of the price (considerably less than the Wacom Bamboo Fun) and it fit my work space, at the time,  perfectly.

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