Perks to Wacom Bamboo With Anime Studio 8 Upgrade


Wacom and Smith Micro have formed a partnership. In doing so, upgrading Anime Studio 8.1 will allow artists to use finger gestures on the Wacom Bamboo multi-touch tablets. The update also contains 30 new features and performance upgrades.

Multi-touch allows animators, graphic designers and digital artists to be more efficient and save design time. You can use more than one finger at once which saves time performing ordinary commands. By making the process more user friendly, digital artists can use finger taps and gestures to design, create, adjust scenes and objects as well as zoom, drag and drop, scale and rotate designs.


Anime Studio Pro is retailing at $199.99 and Anime Studio Debut is $49.99. Currently, Debut is selling for $34.99 and Pro is priced at $139.99 on Amazon.

If you don’t own a Wacom Bamboo tablet, you can read more on my Wacom review site!


Wacom Bamboo Comic Drawing Tablet

Wacom Bamboo Comic pen and touch is for aspiring anime artists in Japan only.

wacom bamboo comic manga pen tablet

On my recent trip to Japan, visiting the famous electronics district in Akihabara was a must and it was amazing! One particularly large store was selling the Wacom Bamboo Comic pen and touch tablets. I hadn’t even heard of them before. If I had the extra money to spare, I would have bought it, but it’s possible it wouldn’t be compatible with my OS anyway.

It is a drawing tablet specifically for manga artists and features the Pixia Edition. Illust Studio Mini, Comic Studio Mini, Corel Painter Essentials 4 and Pencil LITE. These applications replace the standard Adobe Photoshop Elements and other software that come with the U.S. Wacom Bamboo packages.

wacom bamboo comic manga pen tablet

There is no word on whether the Wacom Bamboo Comic will ever be available anywhere besides Japan. The closest version we have to the Bamboo Comic is the Bamboo Pen and Touch. We don’t benefit from the comic and manga specific software. That doesn’t seem to stop artists from being able to create manga using any of the Wacom pen tablets though.

For example: