Wacom Tablets and Photography

Are Wacom tablets useful for Photographers?


Cintiq 24HD with Canon EOS Rebel SLR

Some say yes and some say no. I am not a professional photographer, but I do find it handy to have a Wacom tablet when I want to retouch my photos. I remember using a mouse to edit, draw and paint in Photoshop and Corel, and I do not miss it!

The reasons for using a pen tablet are simple. The interface makes painting and drawing so much easier and faster. A pen is more natural and comfortable than a mouse. You’ll get less hand cramps! The pen has an eraser and side buttons which can be customised to deliver keystrokes, mouse actions and many other actions.

Thanks to the light-weight tablet, it’s very portable and can be set on your lap. With the accurate pressure sensitivity, you can make broad, calligraphic or detailed strokes and other cool effects. It can be awkward to switch between using a keyboard and tablet so Wacom makes it easier on you with buttons and a radial menu that is customizable.

There are other tablet makers out there, but I prefer and highly recommend Wacom. I’ve tried other tablets in the past and was never fully satisfied. I feel like I wasted money when I should have just waited and saved up for a Wacom. The pressure sensitivity in the battery-free pens is the best I have ever used. I also believe Wacom stands apart because their tablets are extremely well-made.  The wide range of tablet options, sizes and features also make Wacom tablets stand above the rest.

Overall, I believe anyone who works with image editing, painting or illustration software should strongly consider a Wacom tablet.

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