Wacom Cintiq 13HD Coming Soon

Wacom Cintiq 13HD tablet display

First there was the Cintiq 24HD. Then the 22HD. And now Wacom is introducing the Cintiq 13HD. It may be small, but it seems perfect for professional artists who need a portable graphics tablet.

wacom cintiq 13hd size comparisonThe differences are minor. For example, the 13HD has less shortcut keys (4 as opposed to 16 and 10) which makes sense due to it’s size. But that’s not what should be the deciding factor to buy this particular Cintiq tablet/display. It’s all about the slimness and size in my opinion. It’s highly portable plus it comes with a 3 in 1 HDMI usb cable which makes it easy to hook up anywhere.

Wacom Cintiq 13HD 3 in 1 cable USB

The total size is 11.75″ W by 6.75″ H with a 13.3″ HD display. However, the active area is 11.75″ W by 6.75″ H. That’s something to keep in mind, but wouldn’t keep me from buying it if I was looking for a portable HD tablet. Like the other, larger Cintiq models, the 13HD has an adjustable stand which can adjust to 22°, 35°, 50° angles.

Wacom Cintiq 13HD adjustable angles

While I think I will always long to own a 24HD, I would not scoff at the new 13HD if it was given to me. It has all the same capabilities as it’s siblings except for Cintiq 24HD Touch which is the only model that offers the multi-touch feature. The Cintiq 13HD will retail for $999 on the Wacom web site soon. I will write another post when it’s available on Amazon because they typically sell for less there.

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Wacom Bamboo Splash Plus Corel Painter Lite

Wacom Bamboo Splash with Corel Painter Lite


Right now, Corel is bundling the Wacom Bamboo Splash with Corel Painter Lite for $99.99 on their site. I think it’s a very good deal for someone who is new to digital drawing and wants to try it out without spending a fortune on a tablet PLUS software.

I don’t know how long this bundle deal will be available. If you aren’t interested in Corel Painter Lite, you can also buy the Wacom Bamboo Splash on Amazon (my favorite place to buy things) for even less money. Click here to read more about this tablet and/or buy it!

Click here to read my review of the Bamboo Splash!



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Which Wacom Tablet To Buy?


Here’s my top five Wacom tablets list. Click on the menus at the top for the full reviews!

My Top 5 Wacom Graphics Tablets:

Wacom Cintiq 24HD Tablet DisplayWacom Cintiq 24HD Multi-Touch Tablet / Display (Links to Amazon)- Best of the Wacom tablets. The Cintiq 24HD multi-touch is the largest graphics tablet display and is considered the holy grail of drawing tablets. For serious and/or professional artists, designers and animators.

Wacom Cintiq 22HD Tablet / Display (Links to Amazon)- Expect the same high quality as the Cintiq 24HD, but for about $500 less and about $1000 less than the 24HD multi-touch.

Wacom Intuos5 Pen Tablet – Excellent for a professional designer/artist. Available in different sizes and a wireless option.

Wacom Bamboo Splash Tablet – Great for an artist who has never used a tablet before and seriously wants to make the leap from standard drawing to digital.

Wacom Bamboo Create Pen and Touch Tablet – Great for someone who is interested in the same things that the Bamboo Splash offers, but wants more drawing space. Also, this Bamboo tablet  is bundled with more software than the Bamboo Splash.

:: Click here to read more or buy a Wacom tablet from Amazon! ::

intuos5 wacom tablet computerBuying a Wacom Tablet:
I’m a self taught graphic designer who has used several different graphics tablets throughout the years and I’m offering my personal Wacom tablet reviews here. Having been disappointed by other brands, I was happy when I found Wacom. I had some confusion researching which Wacom tablet was right for me so I thought writing this Wacom tablet site might help other people make a decision.

For me, Wacom is the frontrunner in graphic design tablets. I believe they are a great company and more importantly, they design and produce high-quality products. I’ve used the other brands in the past and have been disappointed.

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Top 3 Tips When Choosing a Wacom Graphics Tablet

Wacom Cintiq 24HDThere are three important things to consider before buying a Wacom tablet.

  • Use/needs – This is the first thing you should figure out before browsing for a graphics tablet. If you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, you might be overwhelmed or believe that you need them once you start looking.
  • Features – Once you know exactly why and how you will use your Wacom tablet, you will know which features you need.
  • Size – This is important. You should consider the dimensions of the entire Wacom tablet as well as the active drawing area. It’s great to have more active area space (I believe the bigger the better) but having owned several in the past, what I’ve learned is that it also comes down to your desk working area and sometimes having something too big may not be practical.
I’ve learned that knowing exactly what you need from a graphics tablet is the key to choosing the best one for you. Maybe write out a list of how you would use the tablet regularly and then read my full graphics tablet reviews for more details about each tablet. You can also click on the menu at the top of this page to be taken directly to the Wacom tablet you want to read more about.

New Intuos5 Launched Today!

intuos5 wacom tablet


Wacom launched the new Intuos5 in Europe today! It will be in the U.S. soon, but no date yet.

The most talked about feature is the multitouch gesture support and “Express View” head-up display software and soft-touch feel. You will be able to create custom gestures while the head-up display shows current tablet settings on your computer screen. The gestures are similar to an Apple iPad where you can use 3 fingers to zoom in or out, for example.

The new Intuos5 will support all standard Windows and Mac multitouch gestures. The different tablet sizes are 13×8″, 6×8″ and 4×6″.

With the new Wacom tablets avaialble, I suspect the Intuos4 tablets will go down in price. Intuos5 is currently priced at £200 to £430 in Europe. They come in three sizes, 13×8″, 6×8″ and 4×6″. The small is priced at $229.95, medium at $349.95, and the large at $469.95. A pen-only version of the small tablet will also be available, but a price has not been confirmed yet. An optional wireless accessory kit is available to convert your Intuos into a wireless tablet to make it more convenient and comfortable.

I’m not sure how much better the Intuos5 will be compared to the Intuos4 model. So far, it seems like they are trying to keep up with technology by adding standard and custom gestures. Some people may argue that this new feature is not enough to make them upgrade. I can see how designers who are new to using a Wacom tablet and are used to using gestures will enjoy this new Wacom tablet the most. I want to keep an open mind since it launched today and there aren’t enough reviews yet, but based on what I know, I do not recommend upgrading yet.

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The Wacom Tablet Reviews Facebook page is where I post about new deals and low prices I find for Wacom tablet accessories. For example, I found a really good rebate offer from Dell for the Bamboo Create Pen graphics tablet.

Okay, so you don’t have to “Like” the page, but it’s worth checking out. It’s also where you’ll find my updates and other info that you may not find on the regular site! 🙂

Graphics Tablets for Kids

Kid-friendly versions of digital drawing pads

Your young child may love drawing now, but the idea of dropping a lot of coin on an expensive Wacom tablet that might get broken easily is not something I would want to do. I’ve put together a list of fun digital tablets that are intended to not break your pocketbook or your heart if your kid decides to use it as a hammer. Click on each link to read more about each one on Amazon!

Genius Kids designer graphic tablet
Genius: the Kids Designer Graphic Tablet



boogie board paperless graphic tablet writing pad
Boogie Board Paperless LCD Writing Tablet


Graphic Tablet with Cordless Pen DigiPro
DigiPro Graphic Tablet with Cordless Pen



Genius G-Pen 4500 Tablet with Mouse and Pen
Genius G-Pen 4500 Tablet with Mouse and Pen



wacom bamboo touch graphic tablet
Wacom Bamboo Touch Tablet – This tablet is the lowest priced of the Wacom tablets, but it only uses your hands and not a pen.


crayola colorstudio digital drawing stylus
Crayola ColorStudio HD iMarker Digital Stylus – Not a drawing tablet, but great if you already own an Apple iPad.



Digital graphic tablet ivista
Flexible Digital Graphic Tablet by iVistaTablet List price is a little high, but you can usually find it for $35-$40 on Amazon


IPen kidpix pen mouse tablet

I-Pen Kidpix Pen Mouse


LaPazz fun pad digital tablet
Lapazz FunPad Pressure Level Graphic Tablet


How to Choose a Wacom Tablet

A Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Wacom Tablet

Choose based on level of artist/ designer:

Beginner/ Entry level – Never used a graphics tablet. Only knows pen and paper.

Intermediate – Has digital graphics software experience and could benefit from using more than just a mouse to create.

Advanced/ Professional Designer – Works in the design field as a designer and/or animator. Already uses a tablet, but wants/needs something a step up.


Choose based on type of artist/ designer:

The Casual Artist – Likes to draw or paint in their free time, but wants more than a sketchbook.

The Casual Photographer – Wants to manipulate photos.

The Hobbyist – Enjoys arts and crafts projects. For example, scrapbook making.

The Serious Photographer – Wants to enhance, manipulate or alter photographs with precision.

The Serious Graphic Artist/ Designer – This person is an artist and might be using a beginner-type tablet. Wants to translate their classic skills into digital skills.



Choose based on budget:

High > $500

Medium $200 – $499

Low < $200

Also, check out the Wacom Inkling and the Bamboo Stylus for the iPad if you are looking for something other than a graphics tablet.

What qualifies me to review graphics tablets?
I’m a freelance graphic designer and I’ve been using graphics tablets for years.  I have experience using Wacom and non-Wacom tablets. Back when there were barely a handful of affordable tablets available, it was easy to decide on which one to buy. Today there are numerous graphics/ digital tablets available for novice to professionals and in different budget ranges.

I created this web site as a way for people to find and easily choose which Wacom tablet to buy. >> Read more in my FAQ here! <<

Wacom Versus a Tablet PC

Differences between the different Wacom digitizer stylus/pens


wacom cintiq 6d art pen digitizer pen

Wacom Cintiq 6D Art Pen – digitizer pen (ZP-600)

  • Offers 360 degrees of barrel rotation
  • Includes both hard plastic and felt nibs for different “feels”, and 1,024 levels of pressure-sensitivity
  • Patented cordless, battery-free technology for reliable and consistent operation
  • For use on Intuos3, Cintiq 21UX, Cintiq 20WSX & Cintiq 12WX tablets (not compatible with Intuos, Intuos2 or Intuos4 tablets)
  • Includes pen stand

Product Dimensions: 10 x 3 x 1.8 inches ; 0.5 ounces

wacom intuos4 cintiq grip pen

Wacom Intuos4 / Cintiq21 UX Grip Pen

The Cintiq 21UX Grip Pen features a new contoured barrel designed to minimize grip effort, reduce stress to your hand and wrist, and otherwise emulate the feel of your favorite writing instrument.

Featuring Wacom’s new tip sensor technology, pressure sensitive response begins at only a single gram of pen pressure. When combined with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, the Grip Pen captures even the most subtle nuances of pressure. This cordless, battery-free pen puts two customizable side switches right at your fingertips and features a contoured barrel with a cushioned grip. The Grip Pen ships with the following accessories: 10 replacement nibs, a nib puller, and a weighted pen stand.

Product Dimensions: 10.1 x 3.1 x 2 inches ; 4 ounces

wacom bamboo fun pen

Bamboo Fun Pen

  • Great for digital drawing and painting, touching up photos, or writing in your own personal script
  • 512 levels of pressure sensitivity to more accurately mimic physical drawing
  • Compatible with all major software but This pen will NOT work with Bamboo tablets whose model number starts with CTL or CTH
  • Works with both Windows and Mac operating systems

Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 0.8 x 2 inches ; 0.8 ounces

wacom penabled tablet pc slim pen

Penabled Tablet PC Slim Pen (MP200)

Pen will work with any Tablet PC that uses Wacom Penabled technology.
Device Type: Notebook stylus (no pressure-sensitivity)
With a diameter of only .22, the Penabled Tablet PC Slim Pen has a tip and a single side switch. If this pen is not designated to be an exact replacement for the original pen, please do not attempt to insert it into the pen holder of the Tablet PC.

wacom stylus ipad

Bamboo Stylus for iPad (CS100K)

  • Elegant, high end design
  • Milled brushed aluminum
  • Unique smooth pen to paper feel
  • 25% smaller tip vs. competitor models
  • Ergonomic design with optimal in-hand weight and balance
  • Durable non-scratch rubber tip
  • From the leaders in digital pen technology
  • Replaceable rubber tips

Product Dimensions: 4.7 x 0.4 x 0.4 inches ; 0.2 ounces

Click here to read more about the Bamboo stylus for iPad.

wacom bamboo pen

Pen for Wacom Bamboo Craft (CTH461) & Bamboo Fun (CTH661)

  • Compatible with CTH461 and CTH661
  • Rocker-switch
  • Eraser
  • Pressure-sensitive

Product Dimensions: 7.9 x 2.0 x 0.05

wacom intuos4 cintiq21ux airbrush pen

Intuos4 / Cintiq21UX (DTK2100) Airbrush Pen

A true digital airbrush, the pressure-sensitive airbrush incorporates a pressure-sensitive tip and eraser, tilt sensitivity, and a finger wheel to control the application of digital paint. Comes with pen stand and nibs.

Product Dimensions: 10 x 3 x 2 inches ; 1 pounds

wacom intuos4 airbrush pen

Intuos4 only Airbrush Pen

A true digital airbrush, the pressure-sensitive Intuos4 Airbrush incorporates a pressure-sensitive tip and eraser, tilt sensitivity, and a finger wheel to control the application of digital paint. Note: The Intuos4 Airbrush works with Intuos4 generation tablets only.
Product Dimensions: 0.7 x 6.4 x 1.3 inches ; 0.8 ounce

wacom intuos4 cintiq21 classic pen

Intuos4 / Cintiq21 Classic Pen

The Cintiq 21UX Grip Pen features a new contoured barrel designed to minimize grip effort, reduce stress to your hand and wrist, and otherwise emulate the feel of your favorite writing instruments.
The Classic Pen has the same feature set as the Grip Pen, but has a slimmer profile that does not include a rubberized grip.

Product Dimensions: 10 x 3 x 2 inches ; 4 ounces

wacom intuos4 inking pen

Intuos4 Inking Pen

This pressure- and tilt-sensitive drawing pen was created to provide the immediate feedback of actual ink on paper. Simply place a sheet of paper on top of your tablet and your Intuos4 inking pen can both “draw” on the paper and digitally record the drawing on the tablet. The Inking Pen comes with “inking cartridges” and two standard pen nibs for standard pen tablet “inkless” input.

The Intuos4 Inking Pen has the same pressure sensitive tip as the Intuos4 Grip Pen, but does not have a digital eraser or the side switches. Note: When you purchase an Inking Pen, it comes with a standard nib in the pen. Use the nib extractor (silver ring) to gently remove the standard nib from the pen. Then insert one of the silver-colored cartridges that come with the Inking Pen. The cartridge tip has a waxy coating that you will need to rub off before you can begin inking. Note: The Intuos4 Inking Pen works with Intuos4 generation tablets only.

Product Dimensions: 10.1 x 3 x 2.1 inches ; 1 pounds

wacom intuos4 art pen

Wacom Intuos4 (KP701E2) Art Pen with Stand

In addition to pressure-sensitivity and tilt-sensitivity, the Art Pen is also sensitive to rotation. Rotating the barrel in supporting applications such as Corel® Painter or Adobe® Photoshop creates a unique effect. The Art Pen ships with both standard and chisel nibs. Ships with the following accessories: 10 replacement nibs, a nib puller, and a weighted pen stand.

Product Dimensions: 10 x 3 x 2 inches ; 1 pounds

wacom intuos4 pen accessory kit

Intuos4 Pen Pro Accessory Kit

The Professional Accessory Kit contains a number of tools that help you customize the feel of your pen.

The kit includes:

  • 1 Standard Black Nib
  • 5 Stroke Nibs, 5 Hard Felt Nibs
  • 5 Flex Nibs
  • 1 Wide Body Grip (no hole for the button)
  • 1 Standard Grip (no hole for the button)
  • 1 Side Switch Replacement
  • 1 Nib Removal Tool
wacom bamboo intuos4 replacement nibs

Wacom Bamboo Replacement Nib Set (Pen NOT Included)

  • 5  Replacement Nibs for your Digital Tablet
  • Includes Extractor Ring to Remove old Nib
  • 5  Replacement Nibs for your Wacom Tablet


Why Buy Wacom Intuos4?

Reasons for buying a Wacom Intuos4 tablet over other brands.

There are some less expensive options when buying a drawing tablet and I researched them before deciding to purchase the Wacom Intuos4. My #1 reason for buying Wacom is quality. Wacom is a trustworthy company and known for their high quality products. The second reason is their great customer service. I called them before ordering my tablet from Amazon to see how they respond and they were excellent. They answered all of my questions without any negativity and helped me decide which tablet to buy.

Another reason to strongly consider a Wacom Intuos4 are the multiple sizes available. This is important because you are able to get the size you need to fit your work space without losing any power and usability. Each Intuos4 comes with the same software, pens and design. Sizes include extra large, large, medium, small or wireless. I know wireless isn’t a size, but I include it because it is a different size than the other tablets.

The software that is included with each Intuos4 is what I consider to be really good software. You will get Nik® Color Efex Proâ„¢ WE6, Wacom Brushes 3.0 and you can pick two out of the following: Adobe Photoshop® Elements 8 for PC and Mac, Autodesk SketchBook Express® 2010 and Corel Painterâ„¢ Sketch Pad. Granted, Wacom is assuming you already have Adobe Photoshop® which is necessary for Nik® Color Efex Proâ„¢. I think this is an acceptable assumption since most people using an Intuos4 are generally professional designers. I would choose Photoshop® Elements 8 and Corel Painter Sketch Pad out of the three available options. While I have nothing against Autodesk SketchBook Express®, I just don’t feel it is worth it if you don’t already have the other two programs.

I hope this article helps you decide whether you need/want to buy a Wacom Intuos4 tablet. You can read my full Intuos4 review here, Wacom Intuos4 Review.