New Intuos Creative Stylus

How is the new Intuos stylus different from the Bamboo stylus pens?

Intuos Creative:

intuos creative stylus pen

Blue Intuos Creative Stylus

The main difference is pressure sensitivity! Finally, you can control the pressure and thus, the size of lines. This makes a huge difference when you are trying to draw many different things. It has 2048 levels of pressure just like the pens that come with the Bamboo, Intuos and Cintiq tablets. The tip is still rounded and soft rubber like Wacom’s other stylus pens, but it responds to light and heavy touches. It connects with the iPad 3 and 4, and iPad mini through Bluetooth. Another major change is that the new Intuos stylus has palm rejection. Meaning it ignores your palm when it touches the screen which makes writing, drawing or painting feel more natural. The cons:

  • It is not usable on smartphones. Only iPads. Hopefully it will be available on more devices in the future.
  • Only available in shiny blue or black.The price is $99.95! Seems like a lot when compared to the Bamboo stylus which is $29.95.

You can pre-order this stylus now, but I always recommend waiting if you have the patience. Wacom products are usually cheaper on Amazon.

 Bamboo Stylus Solo:

bamboo stylus pens

Colorful Bamboo Stylus Solo

The Stylus Solo is compatible with many different devices such as earlier versions of the iPad, iPhone 4/4S/5, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire and many more. You get more color choices and the price is reasonable.  The cons: No pressure sensitivity or palm rejection. Not compatible with iPad 4 or iPad mini. Click here to read more about this and other stylus pens on Amazon.






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Which Wacom Tablet To Buy?


Here’s my top five Wacom tablets list. Click on the menus at the top for the full reviews!

My Top 5 Wacom Graphics Tablets:

Wacom Cintiq 24HD Tablet DisplayWacom Cintiq 24HD Multi-Touch Tablet / Display (Links to Amazon)- Best of the Wacom tablets. The Cintiq 24HD multi-touch is the largest graphics tablet display and is considered the holy grail of drawing tablets. For serious and/or professional artists, designers and animators.

Wacom Cintiq 22HD Tablet / Display (Links to Amazon)- Expect the same high quality as the Cintiq 24HD, but for about $500 less and about $1000 less than the 24HD multi-touch.

Wacom Intuos5 Pen Tablet – Excellent for a professional designer/artist. Available in different sizes and a wireless option.

Wacom Bamboo Splash Tablet – Great for an artist who has never used a tablet before and seriously wants to make the leap from standard drawing to digital.

Wacom Bamboo Create Pen and Touch Tablet – Great for someone who is interested in the same things that the Bamboo Splash offers, but wants more drawing space. Also, this Bamboo tablet  is bundled with more software than the Bamboo Splash.

:: Click here to read more or buy a Wacom tablet from Amazon! ::

intuos5 wacom tablet computerBuying a Wacom Tablet:
I’m a self taught graphic designer who has used several different graphics tablets throughout the years and I’m offering my personal Wacom tablet reviews here. Having been disappointed by other brands, I was happy when I found Wacom. I had some confusion researching which Wacom tablet was right for me so I thought writing this Wacom tablet site might help other people make a decision.

For me, Wacom is the frontrunner in graphic design tablets. I believe they are a great company and more importantly, they design and produce high-quality products. I’ve used the other brands in the past and have been disappointed.

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