Wacom Digitizer Used In Cregle PenBook

This Cregle PenBook has hit the FCC website and I’m very interested in the fact that it is a Windows 7 machine with a Wacom digitizer. It looks kind of clunky and I wonder if that will change (I hope so), but it has some great features.

  • The PenBook features a multitouch display with palm-rejection technology so you can place your hand on the screen and use the pen to write.
  • There are touch-sensitive bars above and below the screen which you can use for gestures to adjust screen brightness, trigger Page Up or Down actions, or send a Ctrl+Alt+Del signal. You can also create custom gesture-based commands.
  • The tablet has a 5000mAh, 6 hour battery which is user replaceable.
I think the PenBook might give the portable Wacom, Apple iPad and other touchscreen devices a run for their money. We shall see! No word on when it will be released or how much it will cost yet. Check out some of the (unflattering) pictures below!
cregle penbook
cregle penbook
cregle penbook drawing
Source: liliputing.com