Wacom Bamboo Paper App

I just read a headline from Wacom announcing the new version of  their Bamboo Paper app for the iPad.

Wacom Bamboo Paper App

I’ve heard about it, but never stopped to figure out what it is exactly. I imagined it as an actual piece of paper that you lay on top of your iPad to keep the touch screen from detecting your hand. Silly me!

It’s actually a very handy app! Basically, it’s like having  different “notebooks” for sketching, note taking, work notes, etc, all in one place. They have music paper, grid paper, dots and all kinds of other paper simulations. No need to keep track of a lot of books. I can see this being extra helpful for students since a notebook can be made for each class or subject. It can also work as a digital collage since you can add your own pictures too. I’m amazed it’s a free app!

Wacom Bamboo Paper app for iPad and Android

Bamboo Paper makes me kinda wish I owned an iPad. It’s also available on Android phones.

For more info, go to bamboopaper.wacom.com.

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